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Fantasy World Building and Fiction

  • The Lands of Arxuha
  • The Invasion by The Chendrikans
  • The Village of Hunowaz

The Lands of Arxuha

The great lands of Arxuha were home to a variety of kingdoms and other nations. These included the Selteran people in the far North. In the West there was the Kingdom of Cazroka and Kingdom of Borvalia. In and around the central forests dwelled the Jarvenian Chiefdoms. In the far South, there was the High Chiefdom of Narbarinia. The eastern plains and remaining lands of Arxuha were where mostly nomadic people wandered through. These included the Huztor people, The Zunor people, and Jagvulor people.

Despite some occasional wars and conflicts in the lands of Arxuha, it was a relatively stable era. This though, was about to change!

The Invasion by The Chendrikans

The massive invasion came swiftly and suddenly upon the the great lands of Arxuha. The effect was felt everywhere in those lands. With no warning and no sign of the start of the invasion, the various people and nations were unprepared.

Those responsible for the onslaught were known as the Chendrikans. Doom and despair seemed to dominate the lands. Was there no way out?

The Village of Hunowaz

A wise-man had said, "In times of darkness, those that bring the light shall become leaders. As those that seek the light will follow them".

It was in these times of turmoil that darkness had consumed the lands of Arxuha. People were crying out for someone to lighten their way. To lift them out of doom and despair, that was plaguing their morbid lives.

This was the time when a young man from a village found out something significant. Although it had always seemed that he would be a villager till his last days, he discovered something else about his destiny.

He discovered that even though there would be a strong tie between him and his home village, there would be something special about this bond. This young man had experienced a vision. This vision seemed to show him that he would bring forth a luminous spark from his home village of Hunowaz that would illuminate the world.

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